About Us

Our ‘Why’

thrifted.Drip Vintage was founded by Kiana in early 2020. Kiana always had a passion for thrifting and finding time-period gems. As a high-schooler, Kiana loved to take her old clothes, otherwise destined for trash, and create unique pieces that were like new. Reworking clothes quickly blossomed into a pertinent hobby. She began creating a curated collection of 90s & early 2000s street style vintage, pre-loved and reworked clothing in 2016 (unknowingly).
The goal of thrifted.Drip Vintage is to inspire personal style. To be able to “dress” doesn't mean you have all the designer things, it means you have a personal style, so unique and so YOU, that others feel drawn to it.
thrifted.Drip Vintage is a sustainable brand that aims to limit the amount single-use fashion being discarded into landfills daily by curating a collection of pre-loved pieces suitable for any gender identity and any personal style. All of our packaging is comprised of 100% recyclable materials. Any unsold or un-sellable pieces (stains, fading, defective) will be donated to those in need. 
We are an online-only vintage clothing supplier.
Reduce, Reuse…Buy more vintage!